You don’t have to be a size zero to look good or feel sexy. – Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone hotter than the tropics. One of the sexiest women in showbiz right now, Sunny Leone’s allure finds roots in sheer hard work and dedication. Check her Twitter handle; you’ll see how many times she’s at loggerheads with her trainer, Prashant Sawant. Planks raise, pull-ups, she’s at it, all the time. It’s a fact; Sunny has a figure that can launch a million male fantasies and incite unimaginable female envy. And much can be credited to her fabulously fit body. A far cry from the anorexic size zero that has taken over the glamour world, Sunny pours the sexy in everything, in her curves, in her contours… in everything.

Sunny’s curveball
She knows she’s curvy and she makes that work to her advantage. She also knows better than to aspire to achieve a body type she is not. “I am a woman who has curves. For me, it’s all about embracing them. You don’t have to be a size zero to look good or feel sexy. There are women of different sizes. And when they sport a bikini, they look amazing because of their sheer confidence. Curves are great. Be who you are and not what you think you should be.”
Fitness to her is essential because it makes her feel energetic and efficient, a prerequisite given her hectic work schedules. “Fitness and staying healthy is a must. That way I can give my 100 percent to everything. Fitness is life and being fit is the new sexy.

I have a not-so-normal lifestyle. So I must have the vigour to push myself in all aspects.” She also attributes her beauty to good health. “My skin is clear; my mind is calm to deal with all the craziness. I am always in a good mood because of the endorphins released from working out.”

First things first
She’s an early riser and believes in getting through the workout first thing in the day. “I wake up between 7 am – 8 am. Then I head to the gym.” She prefers working out in the morning so that the rest of the day can be dedicated to working. “I have a hard time focussing at the gym after work or late afternoon.” Even when she’s shooting on outdoor locations, she makes time for exercise. “I tell the production team and the director that it’s important to allow a workout time. Most people understand. If I can’t exercise, I run for around 30 to 40 minutes to get my day started.”

Train hard
Sunny’s trainer, celebrity coach Prashant, makes her do concentrated workouts. “Prashant advocates a mix of weight training, functional training and TRX. We focus on getting a toned and lean body.” She enjoys the taskmaster’s approach to training too.

“I love the fact that he pushes me every single time I train. I enjoy the idea of burning as many calories as possible in that hour of training. I have seen my body drastically change over the last few months. And it has upped my confidence.”
She doesn’t approve of body shaming at all. But she does admit there are times when she feels her body could be better.

“I hate my arms. Prashant and I work hard to tone them down. So I do lots of push-ups and squats to keep my arms and legs lean.” There are also some exercises she doesn’t enjoy. “I hate this version of TRX pull-ups we do.
I have to lie on the ground, hold the handles above me and pull my whole body off the ground. It’s so difficult.”

Hurt me not
She says she’s not injury prone and if she occasionally happens to pull a muscle in the back, a quick massage fixes things. She insists it’s important not to overdo the stress and concentrate on the correct technique instead. “The best way to avoid injuries is to focus on form. Do fewer reps but do them in perfect form; don’t push yourself if something hurts. I don’t mean muscle pain, you have to endure that. But you have to take care of joint pain or stress on your back/lower back/neck. It’s not worth it.”

Calorie count
Like all stars, she keenly watches what she eats. She’s even hired professional help. She reveals, “At this moment I have hired a company to pack my meals. They’re called Fitness Counts. I have given them the number of calories I want in total (1000-1200 calories), not including my breakfast. They send me different types of food. They manage two meals and one snack for me, every day.” Sunny has recently taken to serious dieting. By her own admission, she’s curious to see how micromanaged food habits affect her body. “It’s a strict regimen right now. But I have already noticed big changes.” Also when it comes to dieting she has a hardcore mantra. “If you’re not suffering then you’re not dieting. You have to face struggle to change your mind and body,” she says in all seriousness.

Be sporting
She has a great sense of humour and she gives great advice to those obsessed with their muscles. “If you’re a person who works out a lot, it can get mundane and monotonous. So to keep things exciting take a hike with a friend. It’s a nicer and more effective way of keeping fit. You can even catch up on some gossip, which is always good for the health.” She’s a surfing aficionado and believes that indulging in the sport can offer an amazing workout. “You discover muscles you didn’t know you had,”
she says cheekily.

Finding your form
She believes there is no common workout plan. Each individual has to figure out what works best for them and it only happens with practice. She explains, “What works for me will not work for you. If you plan to begin working out, then chalk out an individual plan, don’t go cold turkey with everything.”

She warns against stopping working out, which can cause a weight relapse and even make individuals resort to binge eating. She confides, “It’s happened to me many times. So I focus on fulfilling my cravings with healthy options. I’ve also cut out the things I know are fattening.” She believes in the idea called ‘walk off the fat’ where she recommends walking every day and cutting out one unhealthy food habit a week. She insists, “No soda, no paneer, no fried food, no sweets like cakes, gulab jamun, jalebi and so on. It will take some time to lose weight. But at least you are changing your lifestyle and reconditioning your mind in a different manner.” She adds, “Once you’ve acquired suppleness and energy with the walks, then you can graduate to a more rigorous workout.” Slow and sexy… wins the race!

Sunny’s Diet Plan

Four egg whites, wheat tortilla wrap with meat /turkey/salami and aged white cheddar cheese. This sums up to 250-300 calories

Chicken, fish/prawns and veggies. Sometimes a small serving of wheat pasta

Veggie sticks/hummus and yoghurt dip, or breadsticks with some dip or oats with veggies. It adds up to 100 calories

No carbs, only veggies

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