The Most Popular Female Cosplay Characters

For those of you that didn’t know as of now, cosplaying is the point at which you take on the appearance of a character from a network program, motion picture, videogame or book. It’s an extremely prominent thing particularly at comic shows everywhere throughout the world. Furthermore, since it’s prominent, we practically are compelled to stay up with the latest on what’s great and what isn’t.

While you can cosplay as essentially every anecdotal (or non-anecdotal, truly) character you can think about, here’s the most prevalent cosplay characters for females. Or on the other hand folks searching for an ensemble challenge. I won’t pass judgment.

Harley Quinn

From vintage comic book Harley to Suicide Squad Harley, there’s a lot of ensemble decisions for Joker’s correct hand lady.

Wonder Woman

While DC characters when all is said in done – separated from Batman – weren’t exceptionally prominent a couple of years prior, the expanding nature of their motion pictures has patched up their ubiquity for cosplaying.


The enticing Catwoman is truly famous in light of the fact that you can get calfskin practically wherever nowadays. Tragically, the outfit shifts from “enchanting” to “shabby” quick.

Daenerys Targaryen

With Game of Thrones being the publicity it will be, it wasn’t difficult to envision Daenerys being in this rundown.

Princess Jasmine

While Aladdin isn’t the most well known male cosplay decision, Jasmine is exceptionally prominent for ladies.


At the point when it’s a great opportunity to get the Scooby group together, you can’t turn out badly with a Velma cosplay.

Princess Leia

She’s been a well known decision as far back as that outfit from Return of the Jedi. You know the one.

Wednesday Addams

The most intelligent and creepiest of the Addams family, and furthermore a really simple outfit to pull off.


Since this one just requires some string and a couple of shells for a top, it’s a really modest cosplay outfit. No big surprise it’s so prominent!

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