How attractive are you?

What makes a person attractive? It’s a difficult question to answer, to be honest. The media will make us believe that in order to be conventionally attractive, we have to have a certain appearance, dress in a certain way and behave in a certain way. She’s on those days that, unless we look like a famous model or actress, we’re a loser. This makes us think that we are ugly, that we have various problems, defects and imperfections that need to be fixed. It lowers our self-esteem and makes us feel worthless. And then, conveniently, this offers us a lot of costly solutions.

Exclusive associations of gyms, personal trainers, detox juices, detox and teas are presented as a solution to the “problem” of our weight and form. How magically it would make us lean, toned, and taller in a month. Hair toners and hot tools are meant to help us solve the problem of our hair. If the hair is straight, women curl up, if it is curly, they smooth, or if they do not discolor or turn red, all to look more attractive. Have you damaged your hair in the process? Here is a whole range of hair treatments and hair masks that will solve this problem as well. Is your skin smooth, spotless and shiny? It better be, so here are some creams, gels, exfoliations, serums and some more facials, Why not? And God forbid that you have any unusual discoloration or pigmentation. Hide these things with concealer, foundation, powder, contour, suntan lotion, highlights and a ton of shade and false eyelashes. Oh, and freckles are fashionable now, but as they are buried under that full face of makeup, draw them with eyeliner.

When you’re done with your face, it’s time to fix this huge problem of unwanted hair. There are a myriad of ways to do this too: shave with wax, threading, sugaring, laser, etc. And finally, you need to buy the most modern and stylish clothes and accessories, and do not forget to do your nails too. And only after completing these many steps and spending a fortune, can you have the chance to be considered “attractive.” Or at least that’s what the media wants us to think. But is this really necessary? Is not beauty in the eyes of the beholder? Are not we all beautiful in our own way? Truth is the first thing to feel beautiful and attractive is trust no matter what your outward appearance. Do you need proof? Come on…

Let’s divide people into three categories. First will be the conventionally beautiful.With flawless skin, naturally thinner and somewhat tall and slender. When you think that way – everyone in this category should be super confident models and celebrities, right? But this is not the case. Because? Because many people find it difficult to have confidence. The models often talk about how they were considered the ugly ducklings when they were growing up, being bullied by their long, uncorked limbs and their slim figure. It was only after modeling agencies discovered that they began to believe they were beautiful, reached a certain level of success, and gained their trust. So the fact that they looked like a model did not occur to them until someone came to tell them that.

Our second category will be dedicated to people of common appearance. You know, those of us a little shorter, without the classic hourglass silhouette, with a little messy hair and a couple of pimples on our face from time to time. The people you see every day on the street, at work, in shopping malls. Your friends, family members, those who will not win a beauty pageant so soon, but at the same time seem to be doing very well in life. They are beautiful? Of course they are. They may not have that super shimmer commercial shampoo hair and they do not own any Chanel outfit but they do not care. They have their own style, they have a sense of humor, a quirky personality and that’s what makes them beautiful.

What if you are in the third category? And if you’re really far from being conveniently beautiful? What if your skin is very light or very dark or if you have a disability? Does that mean you’re not attractive? No, it just means that you are different and stand out. What matters is trust and what you put in the universe. If you hide and sink – that’s how others will treat you too. But if you take your strength and make it, the world will also see you as your strength. There are many people who challenge the “normal” and challenge these ridiculous standards of beauty and we admire them for it. Beauty is not a set of characteristics, it is not about the color of your eyes or the structure and length of your hair, it is not about your proportions or clothes fashion, it is all about your confidence and how you see and present yourself to the world. So believe in yourself, be confident,

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