10 Superb Things You Didn’t Recognize Your iPhone Will Do

Of all the attention-popping innovation to roll out of Cupertino within the past decade, nothing has altered lifestyles quite like Apple’s iPhone.

However here’s the issue—for all the superb things the iPhone will do, that sleek black or white box doesn’t come back with a manual. Which means the vast majority of iPhone users don’t really get the most out of their right-hand robot… till currently.

Below you’ll notice an inventory of straightforward tips, tricks and cheats that’ll have you wanting at that device with fresh eyes. It’ll be like having a brand-new phone—and will tide you over until the just-announced iPhone 7 really becomes out there September sixteenth.

‘Night Shift’ mode will change the coloring of your screen to one thing less retina-mauling—and stop your girlfriend mumbling “it’s too bright” next to you in bed whereas you’re trying at Maserati on Auto-trader at three a.m.

1. It can charge twice as quick!
OK, we’re starting off with one you’ll have heard regarding, however it happens to be glorious. Airplane mode will save your skin if you’re in would like of a fast charging fix and running low on juice, especially when not to mention the “low battery mode” you’ll notice in Settings > Battery. Just slide up from the bottom of the screen and hit the airplane image, and your charging speed can double.

2. It can snap photos without the touchscreen!
The volume buttons aren’t simply on the side of your iPhone to form your Paramore songs go ear-bleeding loud—they are conjointly incredibly handy for taking photos. The same goes for those on your headphones. In camera mode, just purpose your phone at whatever you wish to snap and hit up on the degree. Click! A perfectly Instagram image of your avocado on toast! Again.

3. It can go straightforward on your eyeballs!
A fairly recent addition by Apple is that this handy ‘Night Shift’ mode that will amendment the coloring of your screen to something less retina-mauling—and stop your girlfriend mumbling ‘it’s too bright’ next to you in bed while you’re wanting at Maseratis on Autotrader at three a.m. Go to ‘Display & Brightness’ > Night Shift and you’ll be able to set your own ‘color temperature’ with a time for the screen to revert to usual daytime levels.

4. It will help you hang pictures!
Yep. Don’t waste time looking out for a level app because you have already got exactly what you wish to put that framed, signed photo of Penn and Teller up on your toilet wall simply perfectly. Merely go into the Compass app, swipe left, and rotate your phone thus it’s in landscape. Tada!

5. It can tell you when text messages were sent!
Not everybody knows this simple tip: Just swipe a text to the left to determine when it was sent. Additionally, seeing as Snapchat is everywhere nowadays, you’ll be able to do this on a line of conversation in that app if you would like to save lots of it for later.

Here’s a cool, if slightly dangerous, approach of obtaining rid of that drunken text you’re about to send and regret forever. Simply shake your iPhone at the end of something you’ve typed to quote the ‘Undo typing’ dialogue box—and breathe more simply once you’re hung over the following day.

6. It can facilitate your kind internet addresses!
If you wish to complete a url in Safari, holding down the amount image on your keyboard will talk about an inventory of domain addresses (.com, .edu, .org, etc.) and you’ll be able to simply choose the one you would like. And here’s a bonus tip: Rather than finding the period key to kind a full stop, merely double tap the house bar when typing. See!

7. It can go all photo negative on you!
If you’re somebody who appreciates the darker side of life, you’ll be able to wig out the colors on your screen thus that everything appearance really funky and your texts and emails seem like they’re celebrating Halloween. You’ll realize the choice in Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colours.

8. It will carry conversations from the house screen!
You’ll need to have banner notifications selected for the messages app to try to to this, however it actually will save a heap of your time and energy. When somebody imessages you (or essentially ‘texts’ you as we tend to used to say within the olden days), drag down the banner that appears at the top of your screen and a box to for replying will appear beneath, meaning you don’t want to open messages up at all.

9. It will delete texts during a cheeky approach!
Here’s a cool, if slightly dangerous, manner of getting rid of that drunken text you’re regarding to send and regret forever. Just shake your iPhone at the tip of one thing you’ve typed to say the ‘Undo typing’ dialogue box—and breathe more easily when you’re hung over the subsequent day. Just don’t try this while eating chicken wings, or standing by the sting of a cliff.

10. It will browse to you!
If you want your phone to scan out messages, move to Settings > General > Accessibility and flip on ‘speak selection,’ then sit back and be soothed by the slightly robotic dulcet tones of Siri. It’s also price noting that your phone will scan the overwhelming majority of the books in your kindle or ibooks app to you, and Siri can read out your emails and net pages too. Nice woman!

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