10 Most Weird Looking Phones Ever Made

As far back as the extensive scale generation of cellphones, organizations are attempting to convey extraordinary and inventive Phones to the customers, yet large portions of them lost their route some place in the center. Also, built up the absolute most bizarre looking and gracelessly planned telephones. Here is the rundown of 10 most unusual looking telephones ever constructed. Likewise read:- 10 Most Unique Smartphones In The World.

10. Motorola V70 (2002) 

15 years back when this telephone was propelled for about $400 with offices like GPRS support and 360° rotatable keypad, individuals thought it be an inventive outline. In any case, as you might’ve speculated, that outline didn’t keep going long, rather enrolled its name as a standout amongst the most peculiarly planned telephone ever.

9. Nokia 7600 (2003) 

This odd looking telephone was shockingly gone for the “form” advertise, it had one of a kind tear shape and an assortment of tradable spreads were accessible. The number keys were situated around the screen. The VGA camera was of a decent quality for now is the ideal time, however poor by cutting edge measures. This elegant outline wasn’t without its blemishes, those keys made the writing and dialing very unbalanced. The plan wasn’t just a major disappointment, additionally most strange ever.

8. Nokia N-Gage (2003) 

Nokia again with another inadequately outlined telephone focused to gamers, and draw them far from the Game Boy Advance by incorporating cell phone usefulness in a handheld support.

Be that as it may, N-Gage was a moment disappointment, somewhat on the grounds that the catches, intended for a telephone, were not appropriate for gaming, neither one of the its had legitimate outline to be utilized as a telephone, thus making it a standout amongst the most peculiarly composed telephones ever.

7. Samsung Serene (2005) 

Samsung Serene with round console was created as a joint wander between Samsung electronic, Bang and Olufsen, an organization famous for its extravagance items. Despite the fact that it wasn’t precisely an awful looking telephone, however this $1275 item beyond any doubt is very strange hoping to be utilized a telephone.

6. Nokia 7280 (2004) 

The last passage from the previous heavyweight versatile maker Nokia. As a major aspect of Nokia’s “Mold Phone” line, it has dark, white and red styling, and a screen that blurs to a mirror when latent. Despite the fact that the outline was capable create buildup in the mold world, however today can be viewed as one of most weird looking telephones ever constructed.

5. BlackBerry Passport (2014) 

BlackBerry Passport was an endeavor to serve new wine in old container. It is principally made for individuals hoping to purchase old fashioned BlackBerry telephone with most recent equipment particulars. BlackBerry effectively pulled off that test with this special telephone. Be that as it may, it is the most peculiar looking cell phone today accessible in the market.

4. Samsung Juke (2007) 

As the name recommends the telephone was focused to music mates. It has bolster for extensive variety of music organizations, and 2GB stockpiling for music. Be that as it may, the most intriguing piece of it must be the plan, which is both novel and strange. It has the usefulness to pivot the show which uncover the keypad. For its time it was a honest to goodness endeavor to fulfill the requirements of music partners, yet bombed hard plan insightful.

3. Monohm Runcible (2015) 

The preface is to build up a cell phone that takes after hundreds of years old pocket watches. This roundabout molded telephone has a show in front, a camera on the back and other important elements for now’s shoppers. The cell phone beyond any doubt looks interesting and wonderful, however can likewise be viewed as one of wackiest telephone ever.

2. Haier P7 Pen Phone (2004) 

Is there anyone who needs a telephone that has the abilities of composing on paper? There you have it, the Haier pen telephone. This pen is tiny bit not quite the same as others since, it can be utilized to make calls, send messages and do anything that a standard PDA does. P7 Pen Phone may not he the best telephone ever constructed, but rather clearly is a standout amongst the most unconventional one.

1. The Golden Buddha Phone (2009) 

This wacky telephone is a standout amongst the most costly telephones created in China. It wears a bit of genuine jade, pearl powder veneer and a 24 karat gold plating that makes it the most costly cellphone in China, at $1,750, however we’re still uncertain who might need that measure of cash for this abnormal item. This sacred telephone wins the race of being the most novel, strangest and maybe the most pointless telephone ever constructed.

10 Most Weird Looking Phones Ever Made 

The Golden Buddha Phone
Haier P7 Pen Phone
Monohm Runcible
Samsung Juke
BlackBerry Passport
Nokia 7280
Samsung Serene
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia 7600
Motorola V70

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